Seasonal Rules for Benson's Campground

1. Campground Management must be notified 24 prior to coming on to Campground during the off season. (Oct.15- April 15)

2. All seasonal trailers must be licensed with the state.

3. No motor vehicles of any kind may be left on the Campground when the site is not being occupied by the campsite user. Please contact the Campground staff in the event of an emergency.

4. No mini-bikes, motor-scooters or stake boards are allowed on the Campground at anytime.

5. No snowmobile are allowed in the campground between April 15 and Oct.15.

6. All motor vehicles or campers must have a Campground pass. All visitors must register and purchase a pass for the day or season. Seasonal's need to register in the barn every time they stay at their site .

7. Only one camping unit and one shed is permitted on a site.

8. Cars should be kept at your site, it should not be parked in the roadways or on any vacant sites. Parking on the east side of the highway is restricted to one car per site.

9. Firewood is for sale only, trees may not be cut down or tampered with in any way. You may bring firewood from outside of the campground but should be restricted to a ten mile radius from the campground.

10. Do not litter in the lake or on the campgrounds. Please use the trash cans provided near the beach, piers, and playgrounds. Please throw your doggy bags in the dumpsters provided.

11. Pets are permitted only if kept on a leash, must be cleaned up after. NO pets are allowed on the beach, in the swimming area, or in the buildings. Barking dogs or other noisy pets may be excluded from the campground.

12. The speed limit on the campground is 5 miles per hour.

13. The playground and beach area are closed from 10 PM to 6 AM Quiet time is 11 p.m.

14. Anyone under the age of 18 must be at their site after 11 PM or with an adult.

15. No wooden additions to trailers, and no building on site, is permitted. All personal property must be kept neat and in good repair. All recreational vehicles, tents, awnings, and similar devices must be kept two feet from one lot line, and eight feet from the opposite line; also five feet from back lot line.

16. Faucets should be turned off and hoses disconnected when the site is not in use. Hoses and connections must not be permitted to leak. Watering the grass, washing cars, or your trailers is prohibited. Draining gray water or sewage on the ground is prohibited, it must be drained into  dump stations provided in the campground. No dumping in the toilet buildings. No pressure washers allowed without permission from campgrounds staff.

17. All campsite users may use our launch for their boats. Boats that are docked on the piers pay a yearly or daily fee assigned in the office.

18. No guns, bows, slingshots, BB guns, or other weapons of any kind are permitted on the Campground at any time.

19. Fires must be managed safely. All fires should be extinguished before the user leaves the site. No fire ring exceeding 40”in diameter is permitted. If it is more than one foot deep it must be covered.

20. Only loose tablecloths fastened with clamps may be used on the picnic tables and must be removed over winter. Don’t paint them without campground permission.

21. Firewood piles shall be limited to discretion of the staff.

22. All decks will not exceed 160 square feet. Sheds 6’x 8’ only.

23. Rules subject to change.